St Agatha’s Tower aka The Red Tower, is a prominent Red Tower, found perched over Melliehas beautiful golden beaches and countryside. In 1647 during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris de Castellar, the Tower was built to strengthen the northern coastal defenses of the Island. The Tower is dedicated to St Agatha, who was a Christian martyr, who was highly looked up to as a symbol of strength against the plague and against invasion. 
When fully manned it could garrison 49 men and held enough water to withstand a siege of 40 days.  It boasted five cannons on its roof.  During the British period, the Red Tower was used as a defence post and then as a radar station by the Armed Forces of Malta.  
Apart from the fascination 360degree view from the tower, one can find varies interesting items in the tower, and the small chapel. In this area a bracing walk on Mellieha Ridge through a heriage and nature train in the protected area.