A large number of annual religious festivities and cultural events take place throughout the year on the Maltese Islands. 

During the summer months, every weekend one or more feasts are celebrated in different villages and towns, honouring the specific parish patron saint. The festive commemorations are also a time of food, drink and merriment which brings out the Mediterranean roots of the locals. During these festas the streets are lined with carts, selling a wide assortment of different foods as well as the more traditional sweets and delicacies. Some holy feast days are considered as national holdays, such as Santa Marija in August and Il-Vitorja in September. Others, such as the harvest festival of Mnarja at the end of June, are steeped in folklore.

Introduced relatively recently, cultural events such as the Malta Fireworks Festival, the Malta Arts Festival, Notte Bianca, Ghanafest, the Malta Jazz Festival and Festa Mediterranea in Gozo are becoming traditions in their own right, and are done annually. 

Other feasts which are highly celebrated on The Maltese Islands are the holy feasts, such as Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.