During the 17th and 18th centuries operas, pageants, theatre and dramatic productions were in high demand, as the Maltese embraced what had previously been entertainment for the nobles only.  Shows were being put up by amateurs and professionals alike, and were housed at the Knight’s Auberges in Valletta.  

Thus, theatre has always been a lively and well-represented part of the local cultural scene. A variety of local and international drama, dance and music troupes perform on the Islands, creating a very vibrant theatrical calendar of events.

0pen-air venues are also very popular and make for spectacular stage sets. Hardly surprising, considering the great weather Malta enjoys for most of the year.

Some Opera Houses & Theatres on The Maltese Islands:

  • Astra Theatre, Gozo
  • Aurora Opera House, Gozo
  • City Theatre, Valletta
  • Manoel Theatre, Valletta
  • MITP Theatre, Valletta
  • Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta (Opera House Ruins)
  • Republic Hall – MCC, Valletta