At 65-metre high, in Dwejra Bay, we find the Fungus Rock, which is also known locally as “il-Gebla tal-General”. During the times of the Knights of St John, a commander discovered a plant which is known as Malta Fungus or Cynomorium coccineum. This plant was highly prized by the Knights since they believed that medicinal properties. Due to its importance, the Knights blocked all access to the rick, by smoothing the cliff sides; there were harsh punishments for trespassers or anyone caught stealing the plant. 

Known as ‘Il-Qawra’ by the local population, this area is the lowest spot in Gozo. The Inland sea is an expanse of shallow water set in a deep recess in the coastline produced by the collapsing of underwater caves millions of years ago. The bay is connected to the open Mediterranean Sea via a narrow 60 metre-long tunnel in the cliffs, called Blue Cave because of the colour of the sea within it. There are small fishing boats that can take you from the inland sea, through the tunnel to the open sea with magnificent views of Fungus rock and the massive limestone cliffs. This area is very popular with divers.