Kalkara is a small town with an area of 1.75km2 and a population of around 3,000 people. Kalkara is located in the Eastern part of Malta and it looks over the Grand Harbour. This town, has two bays leading to the Grand Harbour known as Rinella Bay and Kalkara Creek and two peninsulas called Bighi and Ricasoli.

Historians believe that the Kalkara area was the first to be inhabited when the first people came to Malta from Sicily. The inlets seem to be adequate shelter from the heavy storms of the Mediterranean Sea. Kalkara is known for boat building, in particular, the Maltese dgħajsa and barklori. The locals participate actively in the traditional boat races, known as the regattas, building their own boats. Town also enjoys beautiful views from the coast, and offers some interesting points the main ones being; Fort Ricasoli, Fort Our Saviour, Villa Bighi, Villa Portelli.